We offer our studio for daily rent. Close to Antwerp and with a private parking for easy access. We can rent out the studio as a blackbox studio or combined with the rental of lighting, camera, (colored) backdrops, you name it. Contact us for rates.

There’s also a 16m² make-up room at your disposal.

7,5 m
4 m
6 m
12 m
2,15 m
2,40 m
4,5 m
4,5 m
Our studio is entirely black, light proofed and sound proofed, ready to use as a black box. You’re free to build a decor or use a background in any colour (we have several colours available), so it’ll double as a green screen studio without any unwanted reflections as well e.g..

Make sure to inform about anything else you might need (lights, camera, decor, …) we are probably able to help you with that too.