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PortaMyst is our very own portable smoke and fog machine and it is the world's first that works on V-mount batteries! (Available with A/B or B-mount on request). Below you can see a video with the PortMyst in action. Works on V-mount, Anton Bauer or B-mountLarge fluid...

Laowa anamorphics

Laowa anamorphics

By the end of the year Laowa launches new anamorphic lenses - with a twist. More compact and lightweight than ever before (hence they’re called “Nanomorph”) and with a lower price than ever seen before in anamorphics! Laowa Nanomorphs will be available in PL & EF...

Lupo Movielight 300

Lupo Movielight 300

Lupo has launched the Movielight 300The new Lupo Movielight 300 is available. It is the first Bowens mount light from Lupo with all the advantages and features we’ve come to inspect from Lupo : exceptional light quality (TLCI of 99), very high intensity and a compact...

Laowa Nanomorph

Laowa Nanomorph

Laowa is set to release Nanomorph Laowa is set to release new anamophic lenses. A lot of details are still under wraps, but what we know for now is that they’ll have a 1.5x squeeze factor, extremely lightweight design (less than 400g) and they will come in a variety...


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