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Are you looking for digital cinema tools, professional video equipment or are you in need of some expertise on your upcoming audiovisual project?

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We sell all brands of professional video and digital cinema gear. Contact us for an offer on cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, accessories – you name it.


We rent out all tools for professional video production and digital cinematography. Contact us, so we can provide you with the right gear.


We offer consultancy to all and every aspect on video and cinema production. Give us a call to find out how our know-how can help your project.


Our 120m² blackbox video recording studio is at your disposal. Combine it with the rental of your lights for the best rates.


Looking for Talent

Looking for Talent

Are you the actress that can convincingly embody our superhero in upcoming videos? Whether you're a newbie or have loads of experience - are you the one that's convinced that you can get the job done? That is the spirit we are looking for! Just show up at our casting...

€7300 CashBack

€7300 CashBack

For a limited time only, Panasonic offers a huge cashback on the Varicam LT Digital Cinema Camera. For the Varicam LT body only you'll receive a €5500 cashback, and for the package of the body with viewfinder, this is even €7300. This cashback stunt remains active...

Laowa Probe Macro

Laowa Probe Macro

We have the new Laoma 24mm probe macro lens (cine version) availble for rent!

2019 Reel

2019 Reel

It is long overdue to edit a short reel of what we've shot the past years. Here's our reel, including some of the best shots of our demo videos, some unseens shots (that didn't make the cut) and some behind the scenes shots. Enjoy!


Subscribe to our YouTube channel – we make it our mission to make entertaining short videos that showcase results of working with the gear we sell and rent (or with gear that’s coming up in the near future). You’ll also find behind-the-scenes-videos and more technical reviews on our channel. If there’s anything you want to have showcased or explained in the videos, please leave that suggestion in the comment section of one of our videos.